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Welcome to our online ticketing center. This is the place to purchase tickets for events at the BIC Center as well as other select island events. If you have questions or trouble using the ticketing center, please contact the BIC Center front desk at +1 231-448-2022 (during our regular opening hours) or send an email to


Tickets for Baroque on Beaver 2023 are now available. Scroll down or head to the Baroque Ticket Store.

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Baroque on Beaver

The 2023 Baroque on Beaver Festival runs from July 27th to August 5th.  Ticket sales begin at noon on  June 1, 2023. If you have questions about Baroque events or need help purchasing tickets, please reach out to the Baroque team at or call the Baroque Ticketing Help Line at 231-448-8444.

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BIC Center & Island Events

 Here’s a complete listing of event tickets now available in our store or from other ticketing sites on the island. Looking for island merchandise?  Browse our island store or drop in to see us at the BIC Center.

Beaver Island Jazz Series

The Beaver Island Jazz Series is a joint project of the Beaver Island Performing Arts Alliance, the Beaver Island Community Center and WVBI. After a successful first run in 2022 the Jazz Series is back for a second season with five performances over the course of the summer. Purchase a series bundle to support jazz on the Island and you’ll be rewarded with  a 20% discount on your tickets for the Jazz Series shows.

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