Field Trip #7: Beaver Island Herpetology Experience


Saturday, May 27th | 2:00 p.m. | Departing from the BIC Center

Join Beth Leuck and Jeff Scofield for an introduction to the snakes, frogs, turtles, and other aquatic critters on the island.

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The island’s lakes, swamps, and bogs as well as its fields are teaming with life that most visitors (and many islanders) never see. We’ll head out for a survey trip that will include multiple sites and lots of discovery.

Board transportation for this trip at the BIC Center. You’ll return there at the conclusion with a little time to explore the town before dinner. Shopping options include the gift shop at the Beaver Island Historical Society Print Shop MuseumPowers Hardware (which includes a gift shop with island-themed items, the BIC Center (with Beaver Island Flag Swag and other gifts), Shipwreck Shirts, the St. James Boat Shop (for famous island buckets and treasure chests made of cherry, clothing and more), McDonough’s Market (the island’s grocery store with a gift shop) and Whiskey Point Brewing Company (with a variety of logo gear available). A short drive out of town you can visit St. James Pottery Studio and Island Energies (the island’s gas station with a convenience store that has some gift items).

Options for dinner include the Concession Stand at the BIC Center, the Harbour Bodega and the Shamrock (both nearby), and Dalwhinnie’s Deli or Whiskey Point Brewing Company (both about a 20-minute walk towards the Whiskey Point Lighthouse).

Want to bike around town and beyond? Bike rentals are available from Happy Paddle (pedal bikes) and Burton’s Rentals (e-bikes).  Happy Paddle also has kayaks and sea kayaks available for rental. If you head out in a kayak, be sure you (i) have appropriate cold water gear to wear as Lake Michigan remains very cold this time of year and (ii) file a float plan and get an EPIRB at the BIC Center front desk.


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Event Details

About the leaders for this Field Trip:

Beth Leuck first came to Beaver Island in 1985 when she was invited to teach ecology at the Central Michigan University Biological Station. She taught numerous undergraduate and graduate courses at CMUBS over the years and conducted research on monarch butterfly populations, dung fly behavior, abandoned beaver pond vegetation, and vegetation in waterbird colonies on some of the outer islands. She has assisted Dr. Nancy Seefelt with her research on colonially nesting waterbirds in the Beaver Island Archipelago since 2000. She and her husband Ed retired to Silver City, New Mexico, several years ago and now shuttle between Beaver Island and the desert Southwest.

The Beaver Island Birding Trail and Warblers on the Water events are projects of the Beaver Island Association. BIA is a volunteer organization that works to assure the environmental and economic sustainability of Beaver Island. Learn more about the BIA and keep up to date on island events at


Date: May 27, 2023

Start time: 02:00 p.m. EDT

End time: 04:00 p.m. EDT

Venue: Depart from the BIC Center

Directions: The BIC Center is on Michigan Avenue directly across from the ferry dock.

Phone: 231-448-2022


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