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Welcome to the online ticketing center for 2022 Baroque on Beaver events. If you have questions about Baroque on Beaver events, need help with your transaction or need to make ticket changes after purchase, please contact the Baroque on Beaver team at For more information on using the BIC Center Ticket Site, visit our Ticketing Tips page.  

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Baroque Ticket Bundles

Want to purchase a preset bundle of tickets for the Festival? Use these handy ticket bundles to speed things. Up there’s one for the opening Gala Fundraisers (that will net you a $25 discount) as well as one for all of the evening concerts (the “Evening Bundle”) and one for everything (the “Everything Bundle”).  You can customize the Evening and Everything Bundles. Note: to get the discount for the Gala Fundraisers, you must purchase those tickets in that bundle.

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Don’t miss Robert Nordling’s
Festival Preview

Join us Wednesday afternoon, July 27, at 4:00 at the BIHS Print Shop Museum for a free presentation from Robert about what’s on tap in this year’s festival.  Freewill donation event.  Seating is limited.

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